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Property Management Support

The following are all functions of property management that are required to be successful.  Please review them and allow BTPS to support you where you require it! 

Investment Analysis and Decision Making Process

  • Determine if real estate investing is the right decision for you
  • Understand your investment allocation and diversification
  • Explaining the advantagous and pitfalls of real estate investing


  • Review your current financing methods and agreements to find better alternatives
  • Support in exploring the marketplace for the best financing products to fit your investment
  • Setting the landlord up with the right financing and cost model to support the real estate


  • Understand where the property fits in the current marketplace as an investment
  • Identifying the right pricing and features and benefits to enhance
  • Offer suggestions to increase visibility of your real estate and quicker occupancy 

Property Preparation

  • Enhancing the property in order to obtain the highest rents possible
  • Improve the property where there might be minor damage or wear and tear
  • Staging the property properly to make it as attractive to increase demand

Leasing and Sales

  • Support in qualifying the right tenant with the right background to support stable rent payments
  • Utilize attorney approved or Pennsylvania Association of Realtors leases to ensure compliance
  • Negotiate successfully with tenants who ofter prefer to counter the initial offer 

 Tenant Transition

  • Provide the tenant with unit and community orientation for optimal tenant satisfaction
  • Serve as a liason in utility transfer to allow for a smooth transition of utility payments.
  • Conduct a pre-occupany walk-through with the tenant to assign accountability and liability

Operations and Maintenance

  • Provide 24 response to the tenant for unit challenges or questions
  • Maintain a 24/7 team to response to unit emergenies for property or person damage or harm
  • Serve as the point of contact for vendor engagements 


  • Collect all rents and ensure all payments from the tenants are on time on behalf of the landlord
  • Disburse expenses and costs associated with the property for the landlord
  • Provide real-time accounting and financial reports for income and expenses


  • Allow for real-time account reporting and management on-line for landlords
  • Provide access to online rent payments, bills, service requests, and contact info for tenants
  • Enable access to BTPS Principals and decision-makers, not associates or employees 

Third-Party Engagement

  • Engage with insurance companies to process claims
  • Work with the township or community associations as Proxy support and representation
  • Handle evictions professionally through a professional agency as Evictions Unlimited

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Tenant by Tenant Management Agreement

This is a classical management agreement that begins with a Rental Listing Agreement and ends with returning the remaining deposit to the tenant.  The services are bundled all together for one low flat, monthly fee that is a percentage of the rents collected and range anywhere between 8-11% of gross monthly rent depending on the type of unit or the number of properties managed. Call (484) 798-0251 or  Click here to contact BTPS or click here for sample pricing.

Click here to see Guarenteed 10% Return Sample Property

Investor's Preferred Property Management- $0 Listing

Chosen by investors who intend to enjoy the returns of a real estate investment for the long-term,  Investor's Preferred Property Management increases the total returns and cash flow of a rental property by charging absolutely no leasing agreement fees which are typically charged by a real estate broker in return for a multi-year property management agreement with BTPS.  The benefit to the Investor is in saving the customary  one-months rental charge that is charged by licensed real estate brokers for placing tenants and up to 10% savings depending on the product chosen.  This makes it easy to budget your monthly costs without the headache of the occasional turnover costs of listing the property.  This product is not available in all neighborhoods.  Call (484) 798-0251 or Click here to contact BTPS or click here for sample pricing.

Property Management Only

Already have a tenant identified and only need a property manager, BTPS is more than happy to serve you as well.  Many agencies prefer only to provide services if they can serve as the listing agency as well, not BTPS!  Our focus is property management at a low cost. Call (484) 798-0251 or Click here to contact BTPS or click here for sample pricing.



...from Homeowner to Landlord to Investor - 30 Steps

Allow Bell Tavern Property Services to guide you on a successful path to turning your home into a rental.   The current state of the rental market in Chester County is extremely strong for several reasons:

  • Population continues to grow in Chester County at 3% a year without an equal growth in new construction to support it
  • Home purchasing motivation is at an all time low due to the consistent media negativity
  • Challenging incomes and bank terms and conditions make lending a challenge to new buyers difficult
  • Large up front down payment for a purchase hasn't been saved by the next generation of purchasers
  • Low inventory of desirable rental properties in convenient commuting distance to employers
  • Great school district, low crime, and easy access to roadways and citys 
  • Rental rates of approximately $1 per square foot of home

Experience in marketing, finance, sales, accounting, management, maintenance, and leasing are all a must and the learning curve can be steep and costly.  A slip of a single month or a high interest rate can cost you several thousand dollars in missed income and competition is out there.  However, doing it right the first time with BTPS can yield dividends and returns that the recent stock market can't come close to!  Please take a look below at Property Management Support to see how we can help you along your journey. Call (484) 798-0251 or Click here to contact BTPS or click here for pricing.



Investor's Preferred

(includes all services of Tenant by Tenant Management, Turnover Management,  and a Listing Service without the cost of Listing and finding a Tenant in exchange for a  6 year agreement and 3% more than Tenant by Tenant management.  (2 & 4 yr also available) - click here to download Investor's Preferred Product Information.



Tenant by Tenant Management 

(a traditional agreement of a Listing Service and a fee per month for management based on gross rents) - Click here for Tenant by Tenant Product Information.


 Turnover Management

(a turnover service which covers all of the requirements of state law and property maintenance to include painting, carpet steaming, property cleaning, etc., 




From Homeowner to Investor

(a consulting service that supports prospective landlords through the process from initial decision making through property management) - click here to download Product Information.


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 Gross Monthly Rent

$1400 - $1699

$1700 - $1999

$2000 +





Gross Month's Rent





 Unit Size in Sq Ft.




2300 +




10 hours



Standard Pricing +

 Investor's Preferred +

 Rent Listing

 10% + 4% + $0

9% + 4% + $0

8% + 4% + $0




$1500 + $150/month

$1700 + $153/month

$2000 + $160/month










Free with Investor's Preferred Property Management Agreement with Bell Tavern Property Services and $250 deposit.

Sample Property Returns